Offers 12 exciting rollercoasters including: Borg, Cyclone, Hurler, Top Gun, Vortex..

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Carowinds Park

Paramount's Carowinds has a long history as a theme park. The park itself spans 105 acres and is located between Fort Mill South Carolina and Charlotte North Carolina. The park offers 12 roller coasters and 12 water rides.

The park was opened in 1973 and was named Carowinds due to being located in the Carolina's and the winds that blow across the two states. Paramount Corporation bought the park in 1993. Cedar Fair purchased all Paramount parks in May of 2006. The most popular roller coaster at Carowinds is the Borg (official name Borg Assmilator). This is the tallest coaster in the park and stands out the most. We recommend to get to this ride early to avoid lines.

The waterpark at Carowinds has a shorter season than the rest of the park due to the weather. If Be sure to check the Carowinds website before heading out, to make sure that the water park is open if this is what you are really interested in visiting. Carowinds Website.

Another important issue surrounding Carowinds was the redesign of the campground. The campground is open and features 200 campsites. For reservations go to Carowinds Campground (Camp Wilderness).